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Mamastories: with Kiki Rigters

A conversation about motherhood and everything that comes with it.

Who Kiki Susan Jacobs Rigters (33)

Mom of… Coco (10 maanden)

In love with… Dirk Jacobs (33)

Work Photographer Kee & Kee

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Photographer Kiki Rigters from Kee&Kee can no longer imagine life without her cheerful daughter Coco. She just did not expect that in addition to a lot of fun there would be piles of laundry. But she is more than willing to accept that . A conversation about motherhood and everything that comes with it.

The most special thing about motherhood

“That Coco really is an addition to my and our lives. I think it is so much fun to have such a happy baby girl there all the time. Motherhood has also given me more peace of mind. I now focus more on my own family and less on the outside world. Where I used to get restless when the weather was nice and had to meet up with friends, it already makes me happy just to be at home with Coco. ”

What I did not expect

“The bizarre amount a lot of laundry! My tip: buy as much as possible in the same color. Furthermore, during my pregnancy I was often frightened with all kinds of horror stories about motherhood, which made me prepare for all kinds of things. But it’s not like that at all. Maybe we're just lucky because Coco is always cheerful and super easy. Or at least until now… What people are right about, is that "just" doing some work while you are with your baby is impossible.

Unforgettable moment

“Because it took me two years to get pregnant, my entire pregnancy actually felt like something very special. The fact that I also reached the full 40 weeks was a great milestone. What I will never forget is that I made the nursery my life mission. It had to be perfect. The hormones ran off with me in such a way that at a certain point I no longer knew what I liked or didn't like. I even made a mood board to find back my taste, haha!

The story behind Coco

I wanted to be a mother for a long time, so I was busy with names for a long time. Over the years I had collected a list of more than fifty names. But there was just one name my partner liked: Coco. That was his favorite and he was very firm about it. And since I usually get my way, I liked the fact that he was so firm about this. I soon knew, this is the name.

Lockdown baby

“During my last trimester we were suddenly in lockdown. Which was a great advantage, since my partner had to work from home, even after Coco was born. As a result, he has been there every day until now and he involved with everything about Coco. So nice!"

As a mother I am ...

“Not someone who looks up everything online or in books. I let it go as much as possible. Just watch how it goes and if anything, I'll try to come up with a solution at that point. I also hope that later on I don't turn into such a stressed out mother who always worries about everything. ”

Relaxation for me is ...

“If she sleeps for two hours and I have some time for myself. I also like to meet up with my mother or a friend when I'm with Coco. Super fun and it’s nice to share the care for Coco sometimes. ”

My morning routine

“Coco gets a bottle in bed. Then the three of us lie down for a while and Coco is already super happy. Had to get used to that, because I'm not actually a morning person at all, but now I have to. Although I can't complain, because she sleeps well through the night. Because of this I also notice that my day is a lot longer. Something that my partner, as a morning person from the very beginning, is very happy with. After breakfast, I put Coco in her playpen and do a workout in front of her: often dance workouts from MadFit. That makes her laugh out loud, so funny! Since the pregnancy I have had problems with my back, regular training helps, fortunately. ”

My week

“From Monday to Wednesday I work as a photographer and Thursday and Friday I am with Coco. That works well, as long as I don’t look at incoming emails;) That can sometimes make it chaotic. Fortunately, we found a very nice daycare that Coco likes to go to. In the beginning I had more trouble with it than she and I took her away crying. Although I really enjoyed being back to work. That is also a part of myself that I don’t want to give up. I wouldn’t want to be a full-time mother. ”

Jewellery that I wear every day ...

“My engagement ring, a ring that my partner got from his grandmother and a ring that I got when I turned thirty. I wear it every day with a necklace from my grandmother, a charm with 'mom' and a pearl pendant. That's Coco's birthstone. I never go out without it. With earrings, it is a bit more trend-sensitive and I change regularly. ”


Kiki's advice other mothers

"Most of all: don’t compare yourself to others. It's about how your child, and you are doing. In my opinion that is the most important thing, not what the outside world does or what others think about it."