Hand-engraved necklaces with names, a beautiful quote, a special date, or the initials of your loved ones. Have your favourite design personalised with a hand engraving of your choice. Available in 18k Gold-plated, 18k Rose Gold-plated & Sterling Silver 925.

“My children are my everything. So proud, I show my necklace to anyone!”
Hand engraved, every piece is unique

Close to your heart

Carry your loved ones close to your heart with a personalized name chain. A necklace with the names of your children, a special date or quote. You can vary with different charms to create your own personal piece of jewellery.

Refined and graceful or just cool

The necklaces used by MAMALOVES are sophisticated and feminine and are available in solid Sterling silver or 18k Gold-plated. There are also cool leather chokers available with a closure in Sterling silver or 18k gold-plated. Choose for different lengths to get a layered effect. A short chain or just an elegant long chain that falls down nicely. You can provide your necklace with one or more charms in different shapes and sizes. Mix and match different sizes of heart charms, or just only disc-shaped pendants, and add a small subtle star. The possibilities are endless. Create your own unique custom made chain.

A chain engraved by hand

MAMALOVES engraves her charms by hand. Each piece of jewellery is handwritten in the classic French school writing. This makes every piece unique and especially made for you. It's the most loving way to capture what you love. Everything is possible. Your children's date of birth, your wedding anniversary, the initials of your love, or a quote to support your best friend in difficult times. A necklace with a special meaning is always precious.

From maternity gift to wedding present

Capture your own love story by giving your sister and your best friends a personal piece of jewellery with engraving on your wedding day. Or if one of them has given birth. A personalized chain is the most special maternity gift you can give a loved one. You can also buy a bracelet or necklace for yourself and your daughter. Most of our jewellery is available for little girls too. MAMALOVES has beautiful children's gifts, which you can personalize with an intitial, name or date.

A sweet memory

Nothing can replace the loss of a dear one. But wearing a piece of jewellery with a special engraving in memory of your loved one can offer some comfort. Your sweetest mom or dad for ever close to you. In times of great sorrow and loss, a personal piece of jewellery can warm your heart. A memory necklace is a moving gift to receive, but also to give.

Express delivery

And if you need the order soon, you can also order it with our express service (only in the Netherlands). The order will be nicely gift wrapped and delivered within 1-3 business days. This way you can place the order shortly before you need it. An express order is only possible in the Netherlands and costs €7,95 per order.


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