one pet a day keeps the worries away

Dog collar

Are you looking for a collar, a dog leash, or a puppy collar for your loyal four-legged friend? At MAMALOVES, you'll find beautiful personalized collars with a name. Personalize this soft dog collar with a name and/or phone number. The collar is available in three colors and in sizes S, M, and L. Also great as a puppy collar.

Pet tag

Add a personalised dog tag to the collar, for example, with a name, initial, phone number, paw print, or QR code. And with an engraved dog ID containing your contact information, you can enjoy worry-free walks in the woods with your canine companion.

These cute pet tags are not only suitable for dogs but also for cats! So, add an animal tag to your dog or cat's collar.

Paw print collection

Carry your animal friend with you forever with MAMALOVES' paw print collection. Have the paw print of your faithful four-legged companion engraved on a bracelet or necklace with paw print. The bracelets and necklaces are available in gold-plated, silver, rose gold, or 14K solid gold.

Animal Day 2023

Celebrate the birthday of your loyal four-legged friend or Animal Day in a special way by pampering them with a beautiful personalised dog collar or an animal tag from our collection. Whether it's your furry dog buddy or your fluffy cat friend, for us, they are like family, and we can't imagine life without them.