Our story


Keep your loved ones close and capture meaningful moments

MAMALOVES creates personalised jewellery with a unique handwritten engraving. Personal bracelets, necklaces and charms which all tell their own story. A sweet gift for someone else or for yourself, and a beautiful way to carry your loved ones close to you and cherish special moments. The names of your children, your wedding date, a special quote or the initials of your loved one; captured in a meaningful piece of jewellery.


During a visit to Marseille 6 years ago, founder Katrien met an old-fashioned goldsmith in a small workshop who engraved his jewelry by hand. He made a special charm for her with the names of her three daughters. He did this with so much love, craftsmanship and passion that it inspired her to make unique jewelry herself. She engraved her first charms (at the kitchen table!) for family and friends, but demand soon became so great that a website was built and the first office was rented.

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MAMALOVES was born, and, 5 years later, has now grown into a favorite brand that, just like the goldsmith, engraves jewelry by hand. From the studio in the center of Haarlem, every day the MAMALOVES team creates unique jewellery with lots of love and attention. We would love to create your story too in a personal piece of jewellery.