Keep your personal jewellery close to your heart

Always carry your loved ones close to your heart with a personalised piece of jewellery. This unique piece of jewellery deserves a nice place, even when you are travelling. Store your personal jewellery in the Jewellery Travel Case from MAMALOVES.

Handwritten pet tag with name

MAMALOVES engraves all its charms by hand in a traditional way. Each piece is provided with a handwritten text in the classic French school script. This makes every tag unique and made completely personal for you. It's the most loving way to capture what you love. Whatever text you want, everything is possible. A pet tag with a special meaning.

From maternity gift to wedding favour

Give your sister or your best friends a gift voucher for a personal piece of jewellery with engraving. A personal and unique gift to give if one of them is getting married, or when one of them is expecting a baby. A personalised piece of jewellery is the most special gift you can give and receive.