Fingerprint kaart NL

How to make a fingerprint?

1. Remove the foil from the ink strip.

2. Place finger in the centre of the foil and gently press down.

3. Carefully remove finger from the ink strip and place it gently in a white area at the reverse of the card.

4. Take a photo of your best print and upload it during the order process.

5. Use the personal code for €5,00 off your next order.

Vingerafdruk how to pagina

Upload your pictures by using our loading tool. If you have any questions about your order or fingerprint, send us a message by sending an email to

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Fingerprint Collection
Vingerafdruk stappen 1080 x 1080 px 9

1. With a pencil create a black surface on a paper.

2. Rub your finger over the black surface.

3. Now press with your finger on a piece of tape.

4. Stick the tape on a white piece of paper.

5. Take a clear photo (or scan) of the hand or footprint.