Mamastories: with Cecile van Lanschot

Who Cecile van Lanschot (29)

Mom of… Alessandra (6)

Co-Parenting with… Ralph Verhagen (32); father of Alessandra

In a relationship with… Kevin Bosch (25)

Work Salesmanager Cryptocurrency, Yoga and barre instructor


The most special thing about motherhood...

“To see how Alessandra is growing more and more into her own personality. The jokes she makes, that infectious curiosity and beautiful children's logic. And of course our special bond and the fact that she still looks up to me that way. I really am her star. So nice to see that I can be an example for her. She likes to imitate me with everything. For example, with yoga. When she sees that I am wearing something blue and quickly puts on something blue herself. Then she often says: 'Look mom, we're twins!' So sweet. It's the little things that make her so happy, and me too. Pure love, for which I am very grateful. I also enjoy it while it lasts, before puberty hits, haha!”

What I didn't expect…

“My pregnancy came as a complete surprise. I was 21 and on the pill when I suddenly found out I was five months pregnant. Completely unplanned. Even though we didn't see it coming, in hindsight I would never have wanted it any other way. Being a young mother is very special. Alessandra makes me so happy. Although it was a bit of a switch in the beginning. I was still studying Art History, and after graduating I actually wanted to go abroad. Preferably working in the Latin American art world. Moreover, in that early period I had to pass my thesis and also work.

Thankfully, we immediately received a lot of support from our family and friends. After all, we weren't sixteen any more, and we were still together at that point. So after the initial shock, everybody thought it was very beautiful and special. It wasn't always about roses and moonshine. Although I certainly didn't focus on that. In any case, I think you should look at what options are available. In addition, Alessandra is a very calm and sweet girl, a very special gift.”

'My pregnancy came as a complete surprise'

Moment not soon to be forgotten

“The moment we heard that I was already five months pregnant, I still had a very flat stomach. Within a week of the news, I suddenly had a big belly. So crazy! At the same time, it is also very nice to notice how your body and mind are connected. Really bizarre…”

"That abbreviation is just as important as her full name"

As a mother I am...

“Very relaxed, maybe a little too much haha! Ralph is the one on top of everything: he knows exactly what Ales' teacher has posted in the group app and makes sure we don't miss a parent evening. Furthermore, I am a relaxed, sweet, involved, energetic and sometimes a bit of a chaotic mother.”

My morning routine

“I am really a morning person. My day starts early, often at six o'clock, and then I get up right away. Much to Kev's chagrin, haha! I love skincare and start the day with a self-care moment: in the morning after showering, I go through seven steps, from creams to oils and serums.”

"Ales' father, Ralph, my friend Kevin and I are good friends"

My week

After I finished college, Ales was still too young to go to school and I started to look for a job with flexible hours. That's how I became a yoga instructor, got my certificate and eventually put my entire focus on teaching. Until Covid. I tried to keep teaching online, but I didn't make enough money that way. Now I have a sales position at a company in the cryptocurrency branch and still teach yoga every now and then. A beautiful combination.

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I get up at six and make sure I'm at work at seven so that I can go home at three and spend the afternoon with Alessandra. If I don't get home until around five, I feel like I don't see her enough. Luckily, my boyfriend takes her to school and often picks her up too, which I usually don't manage. It's great that Kevin can do all that. It's also nice that my work is so flexible, so I can start earlier and go home on time. We often enjoy watching movies, doing crafts and drawing. Ales loves to make her own agenda and write down everything she did that day. She is with her father from Thursday to Saturday. We're good friends, Ralph and Kev too. We often eat together in between, or do something fun. We even go on holiday together. It's great that it's going so harmoniously!"

"The jewellery I wear means a lot to me"

Jewellery I wear every day…

“I don't wear much, but the jewellery I wear means a lot to me, like a signet ring with our family crest. I got it from my father when I was 21. On my left ring finger, I wear a gold diamond ring that my mother gave me when I was eighteen, and it matches my signet ring. She also gave me a gold slave bracelet from Colombia, my mother's homeland. Around my neck hangs a necklace with an Esmeralda, an emerald commonly worn in Colombia. And recently I bought myself a watch: the biggest purchase of my life, haha!”

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My tip for other mothers

“Having patience with your child and also with yourself: something you may never have enough of. By staying calm, you see things better in perspective. Although that is not always easy, I know from experience. For example, if I am tired after a long day, Ales is also tired, but she still prefers not to sleep and keeps calling me to her. Then I really have to take a deep breath, because I prefer a moment of rest for myself. Although I generally have nothing to complain about: Ales is a very sweet child, well-behaved, calm, curious, bright and funny.”