Warranty Policy

Our products come with a 6 month warranty. Is your purchase not as expected or is there a problem? We are happy to look at it with you and then offer a reasonable solution. If there is general wear and tear, we cannot guarantee replacement. You can reach us via this contact form, in this case we will contact you as soon as possible (by telephone). Or send an email to customerservice@mamaloves.com.

Bracelet knot releases within six months

We will fix this, free of charge. You can send the bracelet to the shipping information below. Please specify name and address.

Chain length not as expected

Is the chain length you ordered not as you expected? No problem. You can send an email to customerservice@mamaloves.com in which you can indicate which necklace you would like. You can send the wrong necklace to the shipping information below.

14k Solid Gold

Our 14 carat solid gold jewellery has a warranty period of one year.
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Shipping Information:

Jan van Krimpenweg 7k
2031 CE Haarlem
The Netherlands