Materials and maintenance advice

Wear & Care

To delay the natural process of oxidizing, we advise you to keep your piece of MAMALOVES jewellery in a closed box, to be careful with perfume and to wear it hardly or not at all during showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning and sleeping. Wearing it next to other rough jewellery or watches can cause wear and tear, especially with soft materials such as silver. However, many MAMALOVES customers wear their jewellery 24/7 and find the 'worn' look beautiful. In that case, keep in mind that your jewellery will wear out faster. If desired, we do offer a restring service at a small charge. MAMALOVES uses materials in 18k gold-plated, 18k rose gold-plated, Sterling Silver 925 and 14k solid gold.

Material Sterling Silver 925

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver which will naturally oxidate after a while, being exposed to air and the natural oil level of the skin. This is a normal reaction of silver. With the MAMALOVES polishing cloth that you received with your order, we recommend that you polish the jewelry once a month. You can also clean the jewellery with silver polish. In that case, keep in mind that you can cause stains on the cord.

Material 18 carat Gold plated

Our 18k gold plated materials are made of a base layer of a 'base' metal, with a 'precious' layer of gold over it. During normal daily use, that layer can wear away, for example through contact with the skin or other jewellery and clothing. Avoid using greasy creams, perfume or oil.
In addition, the degree of wear depends on the acidity of your skin, this is different for everyone. We also recommend polishing the gold-plated jewellery at least once a month with the included MAMALOVES polishing cloth.

Material 14 carat Solid Gold (NEW)

The 14K Yellow Gold we work with is an alloy of 58.5% yellow gold, silver and copper. Gold is a valuable metal that will not oxidize or discolor with normal use. Use a toothbrush and a non-abrasive detergent to gently polish your gold jewellery. Avoid contact with bleach and other household cleaners as this can discolor the gold.

Satin string cord

The string MAMALOVES uses is made in Italy. The service life depends on the degree of use. Over time, the string will discolour and show signs of wear. In that case (or if you just want a different colour for once) you can have the jewellery re-knotted.

MAMALOVES only uses the highest quality chains, as you can expect from us. The reasons why a chain can still break (eg getting caught behind something, a small child grabbing the chain, ..), except for a manufacturing defect, do not entitle the warranty.