Restring service

Does your bracelet need a new string? Do you want another colour? Or would you like to add an extra charm? With the restring service of MAMALOVES this can be easily done

Restring service
“Every season another colour. This way my bracelet stays up to date and always beautiful”
A lovely memory, captured in a personal piece of jewellery

Of course you want to wear your MAMALOVES bracelet as long as possible. That's why we offer the restring service. You can replace the waxed string if it's worn, or if you just want to wear another colour. But also if you wish to hang an extra charm on your bracelet. This way you can keep your MAMALOVES bracelet beautiful.

Beautiful quality

All bracelets and necklaces of MAMALOVES are made of Sterling Silver 925 or 18k gold-plated. All bracelets are adjustable, so it fits any wrist.

Tangible reminder

A personalized bracelet is the sweetest and most personal gift for your daughter's birthday or the birthday of her BFF. But also for a mother there is nothing more beautful than wearing a bracelet that reminds her of her children. And just because this means so much, you want to keep your bracelet nice. That is why the restring service is such a great solution. A new string costs €4,95.

Single charms engraved with a special message

It is also possible to order an extra charm for your bracelet. When you make use of our restring service you can order your favourite charm and choose the size and shape you like. Maybe a sweet heart-shaped pendant with the initials of your children or a cool round charm. Our mini charms have a diameter of 1cm in different shapes like a heart, disc or star. The bigger pendants are round- or heart-shaped and have a diameter of 2 cm.


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