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The Fingerprint Collection Guide

What is Fingerprint Jewellery?

With our fingerprint jewellery, we engrave your loved one’s actual fingerprint into a piece of jewellery. You can choose from different pendants for necklaces, and various bracelets.

Read more about our different options in our fingerprint collection and what they stand for. We also give some tips on how you can make the print for your own personalized jewellery at home.

Who wears fingerprint jewellery and why?

Fingerprint jewellery is very personal and beautiful. And sometimes the last thing you really have from a loved one. It is used in a lot of different situations, but always makes it possible to wear the one(s) you love most close by. Th Fingerprint Collection by MAMALOVES is extra unique, because there are so many options you can choose from. You can choose for delicate understated pieces like the Fingerprint Coin necklace, or pick a more decorated piece like the Beaded Coin Fingerprint necklace

A special way for a mother to keep her children close to her heart at all times. But also to celebrate friendship and life lasting connection can be eternalized in a fingerprint bracelet or fingerprint necklace. But there's more: Hand or footprints, mostly used for very small babies, or even paw prints. Eeverything is possible with our fingerprint collection.

Fingerprint engraving shapes and materials

Choose to engrave one single fingerprint or opt for two prints in the shape of a heart. And in our new Fingerprint Bar Collection you can even engrave up to three fingerprints! All of our fingerprint jewellery is available in 18 gold plated, sterling silver, rose gold-plated and, if you are looking for a piece that will last forvever all prints can now also be engraved on our 14k gold jewellery. Perfect to celebrate the birth of a child as a so-called push present.

The Hand- and Footprint

How cool is this collection with a hand or footprint of your little one. A foot/handprint is often made when a little one is born. Have one or two hands/feet engraved in one of our charms. Suitable for both a necklace and a bracelet to create your unique piece of jewellery. The prints can now also be engraved on our 14k gold jewellery.

Paw Print Jewellery

Your most loyal four-legged friend is forever close by with a bracelet or necklace from the Paw print Collection. Have a paw print engraved in one of our timeless charms and create your unique piece of jewelry to carry with you forever. Read more about the best way to take an impression of your pet's paw here.

The print can now also be engraved on our 14k gold jewellery.

How to make a print

To personalize your jewellery with one of our prints, it is necessary to email a print to us at But how do you do that? and what does it take? Very simple! Follow the step-by-step plan below and make your unique piece of jewellery!