Personal paw print jewelry

No piece of jewelry is more unique than a personal paw print bracelet or necklace. Every pet has its own original paw print and that makes this jewelry extra special. Choose to have the unique paw print of your dog, cat or other pet engraved on a necklace or bracelet. Engrave one or two paw prints in one of our timeless charms to create your unique piece of jewelry to carry with you forever. To create a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone, we have many different silver and gold paw print necklaces and bracelets. Purchase a cream beige knotted paw print bracelet or the paw print vintage necklace with the prints of your precious pet. This way you will always find a pawprint piece of jewelry that suits you.

Engraved paw print jewelry gift

Do you want to surprise an animal lover with a unique jewelry gift? Then you're in the right place at MAMALOVES. We have an extensive paw print collection with beautiful paw print bracelets and necklaces. What could be more special to receive as a gift than a piece of jewelry with the paw print of your precious pet? In this way you will always be connected with your beloved pet. Create a piece of jewelry by engraving one or two paw prints on one of our timeless charms. Engrave the paw prints of your sweetest dogs on a gold chain or a paw print of your cat on a silver bracelet. The wide range of the collection means there is a choice for everyone. The paw print jewelry at MAMALOVES are the most beautiful gifts to give or receive!

Memorial jewelry of your deceased pet

At MAMALOVES we create a personal memorial jewelry of your precious pet for you. A memorial jewelry can have a lot of emotional value for someone. We understand the need to cherish a deceased pet. How beautiful is it to wear a paw print of a deceased dog or cat close to you? At MAMALOVES we engrave one or two paw prints on a gold or silver necklace or bracelet. In this way you create a personal memorial piece that you will carry with you forever. Due to the wide range in our paw print collection, there is a choice for everyone. Do you need help or can't figure it out? Then you can always reach us by mail: [email protected]