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What does your fingerprint say about you?

Jewellery with fingerprints is popular! And not without reason. It is the most personal thing you can carry with you from someone. But did you know that fingerprints also tell a lot about yourself? To learn more about this, we interviewed the 'Grand Dame' of palmistry: Ellen Duim (59 years old).

Who is Ellen Duim?

Ellen Duim has had her own palmistry practice for 28 years, has trained 180 people in the three-year course (including our own colleague Hillie), and read countless hands, both from individuals and in the business world. Ellen about palmistry: "What I find so beautiful about my profession is that I learn from every encounter. It's very special to take a look into someone else's soul and be able to pass on my knowledge, experience, and wisdom. I should have kept track, but I think I've examined more than 25,000 pairs of hands under the magnifying glass."

Ellen Duim

What is your opinion on capturing a fingerprint on a piece of jewellery?

A fingerprint is unique, no one else has your pattern. That's why I find it beautiful and touching that people are increasingly having their own or a loved one's fingerprint captured on jewelry. You have something truly unique in your hands.

Your own fingerprint can be a tribute to yourself, a loved one's print a memory of special times. I also see more and more couples in my practice having both their prints immortalized on a piece of jewellery, for example, at a wedding. How beautiful is that?"

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Do you wear jewellery with your own fingerprint?

"Absolutely! With my own fingerprint. Wearing my own print is like a talisman to me; it reminds me of who I truly am. And somehow, it gives me a feeling of strength and security. A 'private moment' with myself."

What does your fingerprint say about you?

“Skin patterns are called dermatoglyphs in the medical world. Dermatoglyph comes from the Greek Derma = skin and Glyph = carving. When it comes to palmistry, we look at the whole hand: the shape of the hand, the position of the fingers, the lines, the nails, and so on. But what I find most fascinating are the fingerprints or skin patterns in palmistry. Why? When you compare the skin patterns of parents and children, you can find a combination of patterns from both parents in the child's hands. How remarkable is that? And when you consider that skin patterns also reveal character traits, you can imagine that one child might resemble their father or mother more than the other.

Your Preferred Element

I find skin patterns even more important than the lines in the hand. They form the basis of one's character and never change. They show our qualities, capabilities, and life lessons and do not shy away from highlighting your pitfalls and challenges. They reveal your preferred element, the element from which you approach the world. You often feel a connection with someone who shares the same preferred elements, while an encounter with someone with opposing elements can be challenging.

Fingerprints don't lie

The beautiful (and confronting) thing is that fingerprints don't lie. They don't tell fairy tales and, with simplicity and without judgment, show you who you are, with all your beauty and imperfections. Skin patterns reveal your identity. Each person has unique patterns; each person is original and unique. Fingerprinting is not used by the police for identification for nothing.

You can find fingerprints or skin patterns on the fingertips, but if you look closely, you can also find some patterns on the palm of your hand. They also tell a part of your life story.

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The fingerprints

"There are 4 types of skin patterns, linked to the 4 elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

Some patterns are more common than others. Water signs are the most common; you often find them on all 10 fingers. Fire and earth signs can be found on all 10 fingers, but less frequently. I have never seen anyone with 10 air signs."

Noise on the Line

"Especially for beginners, it can be challenging to discover and recognize skin patterns, especially if you have horizontal and/or vertical lines on your fingertips. During illness or a period of discomfort, it may even seem like the patterns have been 'erased.' Not surprising, of course: skin patterns show what your element is, and sometimes you can feel completely 'out of your element.'

The cleaner your fingertips are, the better your energy can flow, and the easier it is to keep others' energy out of your own. In older people, it's not unusual for the lines on the fingertips to become less visible; it's a natural process, as energy decreases."

Fun fact: the prints, also called skin patterns, are formed a few weeks after conception and are hereditary. And they never change!

What types of fingerprints are there?

Loop - water - feeling

"With loops, you'll find different variants: an ulnar loop, a radial loop, a double loop, or a peacock eye. A whole family, in other words!

An ulnar loop opens toward the pinky. If the opening is toward the thumb, then you have a radial loop. Independence may not be foreign to you; you prefer not to be told what to do.

Water Person
If you have many loops, you are a water type. Feeling is your strength. People with loops are often creative and have many possibilities, but they need external stimuli. When they receive recognition, they can be very enthusiastic and motivate others in turn. They scan their surroundings and sense what others don't say but mean. This can be confusing when the verbal message differs from the energy emitted.

A water person needs time to articulate their feelings clearly. Water people can be sensitive to criticism and easily hurt, even if the other person means no harm. They are also unlikely to express criticism themselves, although it can be felt.

A water type doesn't like to be approached too directly or bluntly.

Harmony is very important to a water person. But don't forget that it's more loving to erupt occasionally than to sweep irritations under the rug. As a person who feels deeply, you also need to learn to express your feelings on time. Otherwise, there is a chance of a volcanic eruption or a very frosty response."

With a double loop, two loops intersect, ulnar and radial. There is a strong sense of justice and good intelligence. Making choices can be difficult because you see so many possibilities. The challenge is not just making a choice but standing behind it.


Peacock Eye - water - feeling

You recognize a Peacock Eye by a small 'eye' in the center of the loop.

A peacock eye indicates strong intuition and gives you extra strength. For example, on the ring finger, it can also bring healing qualities. Every skin pattern has qualities and challenges, except for the peacock eye. Think of it as a gift in your hands.


Did you know that in the Netherlands, the most common pattern is water? So, we're quite a watery country.

Wreath - fire - will

"A wreath is round and consists of circles. If you have many wreaths on your fingertips, you are a fire type. Willpower dominates.

A wreath represents strength and creativity. People with many wreaths are naturally self-centered. Their intensity gives them a strong presence. It's wonderful when this person is happy, but watch out when they're in a bad mood!

Fire Person
People with a lot of fire often have issues with authority. They will confront someone if they do not act as an authentic leader but instead behave authoritatively. If you avoid the conflict and approach the other person openly, both parties can interact on an equal footing.

In practice, I often see that people are afraid of the power of their fire. They feel misunderstood and hold back. What a shame! Let that inner sun shine; it makes the world a much more beautiful place.

The challenge for a fire person is not to take everything personally. See the abundance that is available to you. Then you can develop into a powerful leader."


Tent - air - thinking

“Do you see the 'tent pole' in the middle of the pattern? That's how you recognize it.

Tents are air signs, and air is associated with 'thinking.' People with tents are good at communication and highly sensitive to the energy in their surroundings. They 'hear' what is left unsaid but is implied between the lines. They are independent and forward-thinking. They are rebellious and capable of bringing innovations to society and passing on knowledge.”

Air Person
An air person needs to learn to stay in contact with themselves and others, especially when feeling attacked. They may engage in word battles with their quick thinking and strong communication when feeling provoked. Staying grounded and concretely implementing (often great) ideas will make an air person successful.

It is also important to find inner peace so that the acquired knowledge and inner wisdom can be passed on to others."


Arch - earth - doing

"Lower and rounder than a tent, without the 'tent pole.' With many arches, you are an earth type, a real doer.

Earth Person
Arches seek safety and structure. They are kind, down-to-earth, practical, and always ready to help. They prefer to avoid confrontations and may not always appreciate sudden changes. They feel a lot but may have trouble expressing their feelings; they need to feel safe to do so. Home, good food and drink, and practical creativity are important to an earth person. If you let them know how welcome they are, they will do anything for you.

An arch is a late bloomer. You'll first observe from a distance, but once you get started, you can't be stopped!

Being open to innovation and willing to 'let go' are the lessons for these earthy types. Trust, celebrating life, and enjoying what comes your way are essential."


Multiple Types of Skin Patterns

"It's entirely possible to see a combination of skin patterns in your hands. For example, a mix of loops and wreaths, or loops and arches. You can even encounter 3 types in hands. In that case, you'll recognize multiple qualities in yourself and also experience multiple challenges."

Does it matter on which finger the fingerprint is located?

"Each finger tells its own story, and each skin pattern does the same. A good palmist will combine the finger's qualities with the skin pattern to complete the story.

For example, with a wreath on the middle finger (wreath = fire, strength, and energy; middle finger = structure and responsibility), you can sometimes be quite rebellious. After all, a fire sign doesn't like to be told what to do!"

Want to know more about fingerprints?

Do you want to know more about fingerprints? You can download the e-book 'Are You in Your Element?' from Ellen Duim's website.

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