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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Most Beautiful Mother's Day Gifts for Mom

May 12 is Mother's Day! Surprise your mom with one of our personal Mother's Day gifts. Hand-engraved jewellery with a name, a beautiful quote, fingerprints, birth flowers, or the initials of your loved ones. Have your favorite design personalized with an engraving of your choice and surprise your mom with a meaningful gift. Engraved with love and packaged in a luxurious gift box.

Available in 14k Solid Gold, 18k Gold Plated, 18k Rose Gold Plated & Silver.

Top 10 Most Personal Gifts for Mom

1. Birth Flower Bouquet Vintage Necklace, from €119.95

Surprise mom this Mother's Day with a love bouquet of the birth flowers of your child(ren) 😍💐Personalize your own jewelry with the Birth Flower Vintage Bouquet Necklace. Create a bouquet full of love with the birth flowers of your loved ones. Each flower symbolizes a birth month and has a special meaning. Choose from 2 different vintage charms for your unique piece of jewelry. Also available as a bracelet.

Available in 18k Gold Plated, 18K Rose Gold Plated and Sterling Silver 925.

2. 14k PROUD MOM Bracelet, from €149.00

The 14k PROUD MOM Bracelet is a super sweet and unique way to show how proud you are of your child(ren)!❤️ Create your own family and carry your little one(s) close to you, on one of the 30+ beautiful warm colors satin cord.

Also available as a necklace.

3. Birthstone Coin Necklace, from €115,00

Personalize your own jewellery for mom with the Birthstone Coin Necklace ❤️ The gemstone that belongs to a specific month is called a birthstone. Each stone symbolizes a birth month and has a special meaning. Capture precious moments in a special and unique piece of jewellery, with an engraving of your choice. Tell your own story with names, special dates or a quote and/or initials of your loved ones.

Available in Gold Plated and Silver

4. 14k Tricolor Bracelet, from €169,00

The 14k Tricolor Bracelet is a unique Mother's Day gift with three rings in yellow, white and rose gold. The rings represent love, connection and warmth. Personalize the bracelet with one of our 30+ colors of satin cord!

5. 14k Eternal Diamand Necklace, from €299,00

Show your ode of love with the 14k Eternal Diamond Necklace. Each diamond represents a person your mother loves. Choose from 2 to 7 diamonds so that the person can be carried close to the heart.

6. 14k Oval Birth flower Bouquet Necklace, from €389,00

The sweetest gift for mom💐😍 The subtle Oval Birthflower Bouquet Necklace from the Forever Collection is made of 14k gold to carry with you forever. Create a bouquet full of love with the birth flowers of your children for mom.

7. Initial Beaded Necklace, from €79,95

New! Our popular initial bracelet is now also available as a necklace😍 Our Initial Beads Necklace can be beautifully combined with other MAMALOVES necklaces. Name, initials or rather a nice word; everything is possible. You can also choose to add one or more hearts and stars.

Available in 18k Gold Plated and Sterling Silver 925.

8. MOM Necklace, from €309.00

Subtle gift for mom😍 The 14k MOM Necklace, from the Forever Collection, is made of 14k gold, so you can wear it with you forever.

9. Birthflower Beads Bracelet, from €55.00

Carry the birth flowers of your loved ones with you with our new Birthflower Beads Bracelet! Each month has its own flower that tells a personal story. Personalize the bracelet by adding an initial or PROUD MOM charm for a unique combination! Choose from one of our 30+ colors of satin cord.

10. Coin Beaded Necklace, from €119.00

NEW DROP: the Beaded Collection! The Coin Beaded Necklace can be personalized with name, initial, birth flowers, fingerprint or birthstones. Combine this necklace with the other personalized necklaces from MAMALOVES for a unique look!



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