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4x decorating the Christmas tree with kids

An annual tradition in many families; decorating the Christmas tree. Children love to help decorate the tree. The more colourful the baubles are, the more fun! How do you make decorating the Christmas tree a real annual tradition?

1. Picking out the Christmas tree

The fun starts with picking out your Christmas tree. Will it be an artificial tree or the authentic charm of a real Christmas tree with trunk or root ball? Go for a small tree or opt for a beautiful large tree that will be a real eye-catcher in your living room. Will you choose a sustainable Christmas tree this year, which will be returned to the forest after the holidays? Together with your children, choose the most beautiful Christmas tree and get into the Christmas mood right away.

2. Ornaments and lights

Once you've found the perfect Christmas tree, it's time to start decorating. This is the magical moment when you decide which Christmas decorations and garlands will adorn your tree. Will you go for a golden Christmas tree, a playful "tacky" tree filled with colors and whimsical ornaments, or the timeless elegance of a classic Christmas tree in traditional red and green? Let your little ones create their own paper Christmas ornaments or decorations to add a personal touch to the tree.

Put on the playlist "Christmas Songs for Kids" on Spotify while you're hanging all the Christmas lights on the tree. This is how your family's Christmas tradition comes to life, something your kids will remember in the years to come.

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3. Nativity scene and other traditions

Christmas isn't just about the Christmas tree; it's also about other fun traditions with your family. Think about wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on Christmas Eve, making Christmas centerpieces, or watching the movie "Home Alone" for the 10th time. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy this wonderful time together.

4. Gifts under the Christmas tree

Right before Christmas Day, it's time to place the presents under the Christmas tree. Many kids find this a thrilling moment. What will they get this year? What will Mom and Dad receive? A personalized piece of jewelry from MAMALOVES is the most beautiful gift to give. Our jewelry captures what means the most to someone!

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