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4 tips for a relaxed December with your kids

December is a busy period, especially if you have little ones. If you're a mother, this likely means a mix of excitement and stress. How do you ensure that your children and you navigate through this festive period as smoothly as possible, without becoming overstimulated? We provide 4 tips to make December as pleasant as possible for yourself and your little ones.

1. Not everything has to be perfect

For you as a mother, December often means a hectic time, but it's important to also enjoy it. Plan moments at home without obligations, especially in the mornings. Don't be too hard on yourself and try to spread out the festivities. Instead of striving for perfection, consciously enjoy the little things. Ultimately, it's about the warmth of togetherness and the magic of the holidays.

2. Flexible working hours during the Christmas Holiday

The Christmas break is always a busy period and can fly by before you know it. It can be challenging if parents still have to work between Christmas and New Year's. If possible, consider working from home for a few days in consultation with your employer. By working flexible hours, you can manage your time. You can also choose to work in the evening when your child is already in bed, giving you the opportunity to be present for your children during the Christmas period. If your workplace allows flexible working hours, consider adjusting your schedule so that you can plan certain activities with your children, such as craft afternoons or a walk outdoors.

3. Involve children in holiday activities

Involve your child in school activities like Sinterklaas and the Christmas dinner. If you need to prepare something for the Christmas dinner, opt for something original and simple, and create the tastiest snacks with your child. No inspiration? We have 6 fun ideas for quick and enjoyable Christmas snacks.

4. Expectation about gifts

For children, it's nice to know what to expect. Agree beforehand how often and when they can set out their shoes. If you want to celebrate Christmas with gifts under the tree but not on the scale of Sinterklaas, spread the unwrapping of small gifts over several days. This keeps the excitement alive and prevents overstimulation in one day. Make it an advent calendar, where each moment you open a gift feels special. Also, consider replacing some gifts with experiences, such as a trip to the zoo, a movie night, or ice skating. This way, you create valuable memories.