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The 8 best Christmas movies to watch with your child

Christmas is a magical time, and there's nothing more enjoyable than putting on a cozy Christmas movie on a cold winter day. Snuggle up together on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Put on your cutest Christmas pajamas and turn a chilly Sunday into a movie marathon with the most delightful Christmas films. Which films should you definitely have watched this year? We've compiled a list of the 8 most enjoyable Christmas movies for the whole family.

1. Home Alone

For whom: From 6 years and up

Let's start with a true classic: 'Home Alone.' This comedy follows the adventures of young Kevin McCallister, who is accidentally left home alone during the Christmas holiday. While he's on his own at home, Kevin has to come up with creative ways to protect his house from two burglars. You can see how he does this in all the Home Alone films. Make it a movie marathon and watch one every day!

2. The Polar Express

For whom: All ages

In the magical Christmas film 'The Polar Express,' we follow a boy who has doubts about the existence of Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, a train stops right outside his door, taking him to the North Pole to meet Santa. As he experiences adventures along the way, his doubts gradually fade. But when he meets Santa, he fully believes in the Christmas story. It reminds us that if you believe in something strongly enough, it can become a reality.

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3. Rudolph

For whom: All ages

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is a heartwarming Christmas film loved by both young and old. It's about a young reindeer with a distinctive red nose who is different from the other reindeer in his herd. Despite his uniqueness, Rudolph discovers that his special attribute can ultimately help others and even lead Santa Claus on a foggy Christmas Eve. This heartwarming film reminds us that we all have a unique quality that may be different but makes us uniquely special. 'Rudolph' remains a timeless classic that you can watch every year.

4. The Snowman

For whom: All ages

Another must-see Christmas film is "The Snowman." This beautiful animated film, based on Raymond Briggs' book, tells the story of a boy and his magical adventure with a snowman that comes to life. The film is silent, and the story is conveyed through visuals and music, adding to the atmosphere and making it accessible to children all around the world.

5. The Grinch

For whom: From 6 years and up

The Grinch, who doesn't know him? A must-see for the whole family. This film, based on Dr. Seuss's famous book, tells the story of the Grinch, a grumpy green grouch planning to spoil Christmas by stealing all the presents and decorations. But even the Grinch can't escape the true meaning of Christmas.

6. The Santa Clause

For whom: All ages

In "The Santa Clause," Scott Calvin discovers that he must become the new Santa Claus after the previous Santa fell off his roof. The film carries the message that anyone can spread the Christmas spirit, and it doesn't take just one Santa Claus. A great film to enjoy with your little one.

7. Elf

Voor wie: Alle leeftijden

"Elf" is a comedic and heartwarming film in which Will Ferrell shines as Buddy, a human who was adopted by the Christmas elves of the North Pole as a child. When he discovers he's not actually an elf, he goes in search of his real father in New York. A hilarious film for the whole family.

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8. Frosty the Snowman

Voor wie: Alle leeftijden

"Frosty the Snowman" is a cheerful animated film about a snowman brought to life by a magical hat. Along with a group of children, Frosty experiences the most delightful adventures in the snow. 'Frosty the Snowman' is a film that brings the Christmas spirit to life for both children and adults with its story and catchy songs.