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Celebrating New Year's Eve with your little one for the first time

Stay home or go out?

The choice to stay home or go somewhere depends on your personal preference. If you choose to stay home, you can create a cozy atmosphere with your family. If you decide to celebrate the new year with friends or family, arrange for a babysitter, such as grandparents.

Should I wake my little one at midnight?

One of the most common questions when you have a little one is whether to wake them up at midnight. The answer depends on your baby's sleep habits and age. If your baby is only a few weeks old and follows a strict sleep routine, it's better to let them sleep. Your baby won't understand the hustle and bustle of New Year's Eve and all the fireworks, and waking them up unnecessarily from a deep sleep may make them restless.

If your child is a bit older, you can choose to put them to bed. At midnight, you can briefly let them watch the fireworks and then tuck them back into bed. If your child still needs a feeding, and this happens to be around midnight, it's better to wake them up an hour earlier so that your little one doesn't get startled by all the fireworks at midnight. Make sure there's at least a 2-hour gap between feedings.

Won't my child be awakened by the fireworks?

Loud fireworks can indeed pose a challenge if your child is sound asleep. Here are a few tips to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably, even with fireworks outside:

  • Quiet sleep environment: Make sure your little one's bedroom is dark and quiet.
  • If your child sleeps better with a soft sound, consider playing gentle, soothing background noises, such as a music box or a stuffed animal with a music feature.
  • Refrain from setting off fireworks if your baby happens to be awake. If you still want to show them the fireworks, do so safely and warmly from behind a window. Remember: there's no such thing as baby fireworks!

Celebrating New Year's Eve with family

If you prefer staying home for your little ones but still want to celebrate with family, you can start your party a bit earlier. Invite everyone for a joint family dinner, play a fun board game, and toast to the new year. This way, you can celebrate the evening in a beautiful way, let your child sleep peacefully in their own bed, and stay comfortably at home. No matter how festive the party is, keep in mind that your baby can wake up at any moment. It's nice if you or your partner stays sober, especially in case you unexpectedly need to take the car. Make clear agreements about this. A clear morning after New Year's Eve is also enjoyable.

On behalf of the entire MAMALOVES team, we wish everyone a happy and healthy 2024!