7 Tips for your baby's first Christmas

Have you just become parents and want to organise this Christmas in the best possible way so that it will be relaxing and enjoyable days? Then read our 7 tips for a perfect first Christmas with your little one.

1. To have or not to have a Christmas tree with a baby

When you have a baby in the house, having a Christmas tree can be challenging. Especially when your little one is just starting to crawl, safety is essential. Therefore, make sure the Christmas tree is sturdy and the Christmas decorations are baby-friendly. For example, buy the prettiest baubles, but make sure they are plastic. You can also buy sturdy hooks to pinch your baubles securely into the branches to prevent them from falling.

2. Christmas photo as a family

Taking a Christmas photo as a family is a wonderful way to capture your child's first Christmas. Think of fun ideas, such as matching Christmas outfits for the whole family, capturing the moment when your little one sees the Christmas tree for the first time, or a cosy photo shoot by the fireplace. Turn all the photos into a beautiful photo book. That way you can always look back on this special moment.

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3. Send Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards as a new family is a heartwarming tradition. Have a special Christmas card made with a cute photo of your family. Add a personal touch by putting a handwritten message or a drawing of your baby on the card.

4. Christmas outfit for your baby

Christmas outfits for your newborn little one are, of course, the cutest ever! There are countless choices, from festive rompers to cute Christmas sweaters and adorable dresses. Choose something that is comfortable for your baby and suits the occasion. After all, it is your little one's first Christmas, a good reason to shop for the ideal outfit.

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5. Christmas presents

Christmas is the time to unwrap gifts. Give a personalised piece of jewellery that captures the bond between parents and child. At MAMALOVES, we have beautiful necklaces and bracelets for every mother and father. Check out our tips for the ultimate gifts for him or her.

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6. Align your Christmas planning with your baby's schedule

Good planning is essential for a stress-free Christmas with your baby. If you choose to celebrate Christmas at home, consider shared dining where everyone can enjoy different meat dishes or vegetarian casseroles. This way, you can enjoy Christmas stress-free yourself while your little one is in his cot in dreamland. Most importantly, remember that Christmas is all about being with your family and celebrating love. Communicate well with your family what works for you to make it a relaxing Christmas, even for the parents :) Don't overcrowd your schedule, but opt for quality time with your baby and loved ones.