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A fingerprint on memorial jewellery

Memorial jewellery

If someone you love has passed away, you may feel the need to carry something with you that the other person is connected to. Choosing a memorial jewellery is not always easy, it means that you are going through a difficult period in your life. A memorial jewellery can offer comfort to the memory of your deceased loved one(s). A fingerprint jewellery makes this memory tangible and wearable, for now and forever. Mamaloves do everything we can to make the most beautiful and unique memorial jewellery for you.

Jewellery with a special meaning

Fingerprint jewellery is very personal. And sometimes a fingerprint is the last thing you really have of your loved one. Fingerprint jewellery is worn in many different situations, but always with the intention of wearing the one(s) you love close by. The MAMALOVES Fingerprint Collection is extra unique, because there are so many different charms to choose from. Below you can read some personal stories of people with their unique fingerprint jewellery and what these pieces mean to them.

Gordon en Sandra
Gordon en zijn moeder Sandra

My grandmother passed away in December. Because my mother was very sad about this, I wanted to give her something that she could carry close to her and that would be a beautiful memory of her mother. After some google searching I came across the website of Mamaloves. I saw that you could have a fingerprint printed on jewellery. We have chosen to have a necklace made with the print of my grandmother's finger. On the day after the funeral I gave her this as a present. She hasn't taken it off since then. Unfortunately it didn't stop there. My grandfather passed away a month later. We then ordered the same charm, so that she can hang Grandpa's print on the same chain with Grandma's print. The charms won't ease her pain, but the thought that she carries with her something of 2 very important people in her life who she has loved so much is beautiful to see." - Gordon

“My mother passed away after a long illness. The loss of a loved one is so indescribable.
The thought that what once was is no more. You are left with a lot of memories, photos, thoughts of I could not have done more. It is an indescribably empty sad feeling.
On the day after the funeral, because of the Corona policy to end the day, we went for dinner together at my parents' house. "I have something for you, mom" Gordon said. Somewhat surprised, I accepted the package.
I could not believe my eyes: It was a necklace with a charm. But not just any charm, it was my late mother's fingerprint! I can't describe the feeling I got at that moment. My son and daughter-in-law arranged this together with my mother. I put it on right away and never took it off.

A month later came the next blow, my father also died. From my dear son, and dear daughter-in-law, I again received a charm with his fingerprint as a memento of two very sweet and important people.
Gone but never will they be forgotten. In a very special unique way.”

Marie met haar Fingerprint Ketting

Personal Stories

"When my father died suddenly, I noticed that in addition to missing him, I also missed the physical part very much. We received a fingerprint from him, something that really belonged to him. I wanted to do something with that. Fortunately, MAMALOVES wanted me help me with that and I engraved a personalized coin with my father's fingerprint. This necklace is what gives me the most support during the difficult moments. When I look at his photo or think of him I touch my necklace and he is still close to me. This way the loss is more bearable." - Marie

Saskia & her mother
Saskia en haar moeder

“A few weeks ago, my mother's eldest sister (my aunt) passed away. Her granddaughter had her grandmother's fingerprints taken and I asked her if I could use them too. The bond between my mother and my aunt was very close and the loss was therefore very great. I wanted something that would last for her and I started looking. I came into contact with you and you made a piece of jewellery for my mother with a very great meaning for her. She only takes it off with a shower. So her sister is always with her. And my mission for my mother was successful.”- Saskia

Ben jij ook opzoek naar een gedenksieraad om je dierbare voor altijd dicht bij je te dragen, wij helpen je graag. Met onze Fingerprint Collectie kan je één of twee vingerafdrukken graveren in een van onze tijdloze bedels. Omdat elke vingerafdruk uniek is zijn deze sieraden extra persoonlijk en dierbaar.

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