The traits of the zodiac sign Aries

Discover the qualities of the Aries zodiac sign!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is renowned for being adventurous, assertive, ambitious, energetic, and courageous, but they can also have a short fuse. The elemental sign is fire. Curious about the unique characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign? Keep reading!

In which month is the Aries zodiac sign?

Born between March 21st and April 20th? Then, you belong to the Aries zodiac sign! Some interesting facts include: Tuesday is considered the lucky day for Aries, red is their favorite color, and the lucky numbers are 6 & 9.

Which zodiac sign is compatible with Aries?

Some zodiac signs match better with Aries than others. There are three zodiac signs that complement Aries well:

  • Aquarius: Like Aries, Aquarius is very self-assured and adventurous. Together, they are open to discovering new things.
  • Taurus: Friendship is a crucial aspect for both zodiac signs, that is taken seriously. Hence, these two signs complement each other well.
  • Leo: A Leo and Aries share similar interests, which means they are getting along quite well.

What are the key traits of the Aries zodiac sign?

Curious about what makes the Aries zodiac sign so special? Below are the 10 key traits of the Aries zodiac sign:

  1. Adventurous: Aries is always open to a new adventure and loves to explore. With Aries around, things are never dull!
  2. Ambitious: Aries is a true go-getter, always seeking new opportunities. They don't stop until the goal or dream is achieved.
  3. Loyal: Friendship holds great importance for Aries, making them fiercely loyal to their friends. A friend from the past is often a friend for life.
  4. Honest and Direct: Aries doesn't pretend to be someone they're not. Their thoughts and feelings are shared with everyone.
  5. The Aries Child: Children born as Aries often pick up things quickly, such as walking and talking. They are also very initiative and enthusiastic.
  6. Born Leader: Aries likes to take the lead and isn't fond of taking orders. As a leader, Aries prefers to decide what they want to do or not.
  7. Positivity: The word 'negative' is almost non-existent in the Aries dictionary. If something goes wrong, Aries doesn't mourn for long and tries to turn it into something positive.
  8. Sociable: Striking up a conversation with a stranger is not a problem for Aries. They can sense others' emotions and try to deal with them.
  9. Courageous: Thanks to their adventurous spirit, Aries has no fear of danger and can handle setbacks and uncertainty well.
  10. Energetic: Aries is full of energy, coming across as powerful to others. This energy is also contagious for those around them.

What jewellery suits an Aries?

What jewellery complements the bold and self-assured Aries? A charm with the image of an Aries is always a good choice. This can be in the form of a necklace or bracelet.