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The 10 Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Libra

Discover the characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra!

The Libra's traits are civilized and well-mannered. People with the Libra zodiac sign are very objective and like to mediate during conflicts. They are very positive thinkers. Capture your zodiac sign in one of our jewelleries from the Celestial Collection✨

A few facts: The lucky day of the Libra is Tuesday, the favourite colour is pink & green and lucky numbers are 5, 14, 15, 23, 32!

Which Zodiac Signs are the best fit for Libra?

People with the Libra zodiac sign go best with: Aries and Sagittarius

What are the most important characteristics of the Libra?

1. The Libra is charming.

Libra has a lot of charm, and this sign of the zodiac also radiates to others.

2. The Libra has a lot of temperament.

The Libra is temperamental in his communication and strong in his shoes.

3. The Libra is funny.

The Libra loves to make others laugh and is always up for a joke.

4. The Libra is straightforward.

The Libra always gives his clear opinion and is quite direct by nature.

5. The Libra is civilized.

The Libra knows how to behave appropriately in every situation and has good manners.

6. The Libra is curious.

The Libra is curious about what they don't already know and is always eager to learn new things.

7. The Libra is a real mediator.

Libra builds bridges between people and resolves conflicts.

8. The Libra always thinks positively.

The Libra is a real positive thinker and knows how to get the best out of every situation.

9. The Libra is smart and persuasive.

The Libra is intelligent and knows how to convey his opinion convincingly.

10. The Libra is excited.

The Libra is always positive towards others and knows how to bring things in an enthusiastic way.