14 carat gold memorial jewelry

Wear the jewelry from the 14k Solid Gold collection close to your heart. Make it completely your own by having it engraved personally and in this way tell your own story with a valuable piece of jewelry. A 14 carat gold necklace or bracelet is the perfect way to carry a loved one with you. Nothing can replace the loss of a lost loved one. How special is it to carry the one with you in the form of a real gold engraved necklace or bracelet with a special meaning? A personalized necklace with a fingerprint or a 14 carat bracelet with the name or initials of a loved one can warm someone's heart in times of grief and loss. A 14 carat memorial jewelry can be a meaningful gift to receive, but also to give. These 14k personalized necklaces and bracelets are made to wear close to your heart every day.

Hand Engraved 14k Solid Gold Jewelry

MAMALOVES engraves all its 14 carat jewelry in a traditional way. Each piece is provided with a handwritten text that is engraved in the classic French school script. This makes the 14k necklaces and bracelets unique and made completely personally for you. It's the most loving way to capture what you love. Whatever text or characters you want, everything is possible at MAMALOVES. Do you opt for the 14 carat hand-engraved wedding anniversary, the initials of your newborn child as a birth gift, the fingerprints of your family or a quote to support your best friend in difficult times? Have your favorite design personalized with an engraving of your choice. Create a personal hand-engraved 14 carat piece of jewelry with a special meaning.

Personalized gold jewelry with names

Do you want to give someone a unique personalized gift? Create the perfect gift with engraved 14k Solid Gold jewelry at MAMALOVES. Whether you're looking for a gift for your mother, your best friend or your sister, MAMALOVES has you covered. We make sure that the 14 carat gifts are always made with lots of love. For example, capture your own love story by gifting your sister or best friend a personalized piece of jewelry with engraving when you get married, or a push present necklace when one of them has a child. A personalized 14 carat gold necklace or bracelet is the most special gift you can give and receive. MAMALOVES has a unique 14 carat personal jewelry gift for everyone.

14 carat push present

A push present is the perfect gift for a new mother. So surprise your wife, sister or girlfriend with a traditional push gift jewelry! It is a beautiful memento of the birth and will be extra special for a mother who has just given birth. At MAMALOVES you can have your own 14 carat unique and personalized baby gift made. Would you like a 14k push present necklace with the birthdate of your newborn? Or would you rather give a push gift 14k birthflower bouquet bracelet? Everything is possible at MAMALOVES. Because of our hand-engraved 14 carat gold jewelry, we can make the ideal push present for after the birth.