14k Personalised Single Birth Flower Bouquet Charms


Order single 14k Solid Gold Birth Flower Bouquet charms here to attach to your existing jewellery. Create a flower bouquet full of love with the birthflowers of your loved ones and carry them with you forever.

Each flower symbolizes a birth month and has a special meaning, read more about this here. Which flower tells your personal story?

We maintain the order of the flowers as they are sequentially selected.

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  • Engraved in our Haarlem studio
  • Available in 14 karat Gold
  • Choose from 2 different 14k charms for your unique piece of jewellery.
  • Dimensions 14k coin charms: small: 13mm x 13mm, medium: 15mm x 15mm, large: 18mm x 18mm
  • Size14k Oval: 1cm x 1.5cm
  • The composition of the bouquet may vary with multiple flowers
  • Be aware of capitalization, engraving text as entered.

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Engraved by hand

Each piece is carefully engraved by hand in our atelier in Haarlem. Personal and unique, like your own love story, made especially for you to keep close.

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Wrapped with love

Every order is wrapped in our beautiful luxurious gift box including a cute polishing cloth and wrapped as a present. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, it will be a treat to open this gift.