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The 10 characteristics of the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Discover the 10 characteristics of the Cancer Zodiac Sign!

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. Cancerians are primarily known for being emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as being sensitive and sometimes insecure. Their elemental sign is water, which makes sense when you consider the emotional depths associated with this sign.

A few facts: The lucky days of the Cancer are Monday & Thursday, the favourite colour is white and lucky numbers are 2, 3, 15, 20! Furthermore, MAMALOVES founder Katrien is also a Cancer. She wears the Zodiac Necklace with the names of her three daughters engraved on the back💕

Which Zodiac Signs are the best fit for Cancer?

People with the Cancer zodiac sign go best with: Capricorn and Taurus

What are the most important characteristics of the Cancer?

1. The Cancer has a strong intuition

The Cancer can empathize well with others, and they often pick up on things that others pass by. They sense when something is wrong with someone.

2. Cancers love 'home'

Cancers are homey types who feel most comfortable at home. They therefore often do their best to make their home extra comfortable and cozy.

3. Cancers protect their families

The Cancer puts family first. They do everything they can to protect them and make them happy.

4. The Cancer does not forget anything

Cancers are not easily angry, but if you go too far or kick the Cancer on the soul, the Cancer will not soon forget.

5. Cancers are creative dreamers

They have a limitless imagination. They are also always open to new ideas and like to be carried away by them.

6. Cancers are mysterious

Cancers are quite closed and don't show the back of their tongue. They like to keep their emotions and thoughts to themselves.

7. Cancers Are Generous Givers

Cancerians are generous with their attention and attentions. They don't do it because they must, but because they like to make others happy.

8. The Cancer needs affection

They have a great need to feel wanted, loved, and needed. They are very tender and sensual and therefore need the affection of others.

9. Cancerians are always there for their friends

There are only few things Cancer’s value more than friendships. They are a good listener and are always ready when friends are going through a rough time.

10. Unlucky Cancers Retreat

If a Cancer is worried about something, they withdraw into their 'shell'. They then need time to process something for themselves before they can talk about it with others.