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Celebrating Single Moms

Proud Single Mom Day

To honor single moms, MAMALOVES changes Singles Day into PROUD SINGLE MOM DAY. A day on which we want to put all single moms in the spotlight.

Singles Day (November 11, 2021), also called bachelor's day, is an originally Chinese holiday on which 'being single' is celebrated.

This year MAMALOVES would like to draw attention to the many moms who are single and raise their child(ren) alone. In 2020 there are 589,975 single-parent families in the Netherlands (approximately 23 percent of the families), most of which are single moms with one or more children.

Source: nji.nl

Q&A: The life of a single mom

In honor of Proud Single Mom Day, we asked 10 single moms (aka superheroes), about their life as a single mom. Read their stories below:

1. The best thing about being a mom

“The most beautiful thing about being a mom is feeling unconditional love. This is love that you cannot receive from anyone else and feel for no one else.” Judith said. Fleur also experiences this: “The unconditional love I feel for my kids! When they come into the world so dependent on you and as they grow and grow, they become more independent step by step, with their hands in my hand, that's beautiful!"

Evelien says: “Enjoy doing fun things with the children. Seeing how fast they grow and develop'' and according to Danielle the most beautiful thing about being a mom is ''All the love you get, all the hugs you receive, the smiles on his face and the honor to bear the name mom. ''

2. Hardest thing about being a single mom

''I am very consciously a single mom and I can, in my opinion, 'take on the whole world'. That's why it's sometimes hard to admit that it might have been a little easier with the two of us," said Jamie. Judith indicates that being a single mom is "Sometimes hectic, keeping all the balls high, making decisions. But I am not alone, I have so many lovely people around me." Fleur finds it difficult "that sometimes you are alone, that you do not have a partner to rely on, to remove spiders or just adult conversations, raising your children together, forming a family." Single motherhood also ensures "little rest and time for yourself," says Nikki.

3. Single mom and dating..?

"Ha-ha-ha dating?! I don't have time to date! But I regularly 'date' with my friends, having a glass of wine while the kids play!" Jamie says. However, Judith indicates "You can definitely date, why not? It's a bit of a puzzle now and then, but when you're ready, do it!!''. Single mom Fleur says that she will probably date again, but I am not ready yet. We'll see what the future brings. My two boys are my great loves!'' Evelien also mentions that ''especially catching up on sleep is very important haha'' and ''enjoying being together with my little girl first'' is more important according to Roxanne.

4. Life lesson to your children

Single mom Roxanne wants to tell her daughter ''Always be yourself, don't change for anyone. You are perfect just the way you are" and "Be true to yourself" says Evelien. Fleur indicates “Follow your heart, believe in yourself, be honest! Enjoy little things! You get back what you put out.” Jamie believes that “Life is too much fun to sit at home and be unhappy. Explore, fall, get up and then do it again! And no matter what happens, wherever you go, I will always be there to return to.” Danielle wants to tell her son that you should “respect people, animals and nature. Hard work. And what I definitely think is important: that he knows that he can be who he wants to be. And that he can become whatever he wants to be.”

5. Golden tip for other single moms

“You are not perfect, you make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Don't put yourself aside, try to enjoy yourself. If you're happy, so are your kids." Evelien also gives a golden tip to '''Also think about yourself and recharge yourself'' and ''Think about yourself, you can put yourself first because if you are doing well, you are also a nicer mom for your children," said Fleur. Roxanne indicates “I find it very difficult to do it myself, but ask for help if you really can't take it anymore. No one will be happier if you walk around like a zombie. Not even the little one. So ask for help if you can. Or if you are offered help, always accept it. Even if it's only for half an hour. Take some time for yourself!" Being a single mom isn't always easy. "Are you struggling? Drink a glass of wine, go to bed on time and tomorrow is a new day!" says Jamie.

“The most beautiful thing about being a mom is feeling unconditional love''