Tarot Necklace

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Jewellery with a spiritual meaning

This capsule collection of 4 pendants is inspired by the mystical aura of tarot cards and spiritual symbols. They are a personal reminder of positive thinking, and give protection, guidance and love. Personalize the back with a meaningful engraving, and wear this beautiful necklace as your very own talisman.

Tarot kaart ketting 01

The Star

Beautiful things are looking up! The Star pendant represents the light after darkness and signals that happy times and positive changes are just around the corner. Anything is possible. Allow yourself to dream and aspire; you have the strength to reach the stars.”

Tarot Card Necklace
Tarot kaart ketting 02

The Moon

Trust your intuition and follow your dreams! This pendant helps you remember even in the darkest times the sun will rise again. When things seem out of focus, step away from distractions, to have a clear view of what you value the most. Let your inner voice lead the way.

Tarot Card Necklace
Tarot kaart ketting 03

The Sun

Something good is coming! The Sun pendant radiates positivity and joy. It’s warm energy will get you through tough times and help you succeed, while the surrounding stars illustrate hope and better times ahead. Wear this piece as an affirmation of positivity and radiating confidence.

Tarot Card Necklace
Tarot kaart ketting 04

The Eye

The "Eye of the Heart" necklace is inspired by the shape of Tarot cards and the symbol of the Evil Eye. The charm symbolizes the inner eye of our heart, through which we open ourselves to the love around us. Wear it as a talisman for that extra bit of protection we all need from time to time.

Tarot Card Necklace