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The Jarige Job Foundation

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Jewelry with a special meaning

MAMALOVES has created a charm especially for the Jarige Job Foundation that you can personalize with a handwritten engraving. The balloon-shaped charm (available in 18k gold-plated or sterling silver) is inspired by the balloon in the logo of the Jarige Job Foundation. From every Balloon bracelet or necklace sold, the full proceeds go directly to the foundation. In this way you create a unique piece of jewelry with a special meaning and at the same time you contribute to a good cause.

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In the Netherlands there are more than 300,000 children who live at or below the poverty line. Unimaginable and often invisible because there is a great taboo on financial distress. For these kids there is simply no room to participate in activities such as sports with their peers or to celebrate their birthday. Things that come naturally to so many other children. That's why the Foundation helps the children who are hit the hardest by the poverty situation at home.

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Every child deserves a special birthday

The Jarige Job Foundation helps these children by giving them a birthday box containing everything that’s necessary to celebrate their birthday, at home and at school. In order to give a box to as many children as possible the foundation depends on gifts and donations. MAMALOVES hopes to be able to make a contribution to this with the proceeds from the Balloon Charm.

Every child deserves a happy birthday