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Mom Stories - Mother's Day 2023

Capture what means most

Since 2015, we've been celebrating motherhood, and everything that comes with it. From supermom days to bags-to-your-knees days and everything in between. The overwhelming love you feel for your children and your very loved ones. Those special moments with those you love the most and sometimes have to miss....

We feel honored to capture your stories in our jewelry. Especially for Mother's Day, proud moms Sharona, Esther and Renate shared their personal stories with us💞


Sharona is mother of daughter Joy (1). For many years she was a top athlete, but due to many injuries she chose to stop and concentrate fully on motherhood. "As a top athlete, life mainly revolves around you, but I wanted to be able to give all my attention to my child. Now motherhood is a top sport".


Esther is the mother of son Jayson (2). She has a strong bond with her mother and grandmother. After the sad news that Esther's mom is terminally ill, they try to enjoy life even more. "Motherhood isn't always easy, but when I see his face, I immediately forget those nights."


Renate is mother of daughter Robyn (2). It took almost 4 years and many different IVF processes to get pregnant. During this they saw many embryos that looked like a star. She kept wondering if this would be her star. One night she looked out the window and saw a very bright star. "I asked my partner 'Do you think it's her?' That month she was pregnant with Robyn.


Manon is mother of son Jack and daughter Josh. They all chose a MAMALOVES piece which represent their love toward each other.

Manon was 20 weeks pregnant with Josh when she was diagnosed with cancer. It was a tough period that left the family with little to capture. "Being a mother is special. It is an enrichment of your life. After everything we have been through, you realize just how valuable life is"