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How Do I Adjust the Sliding Knots on My Satin Bracelet?

Create Your Perfect Fit!

At MAMALOVES, we understand that mothers are not only fantastic but also deserve unique jewellery that perfectly matches their style. Our knotted bracelets with satin cord pay tribute to you, as a loving mother, and are designed with a special sliding knot that fits perfectly around your wrist. It's super simple to use: Just slide or pull the ends of the cord, and you effortlessly adjust the bracelet to your perfect size.

We know how important it is for you to have a bracelet that fits perfectly around your wrist. That's why we've created various videos to show you how our sliding knots work. Whether it's a single sliding knot or a double knot, our videos will guide you, making it easy to adjust the fit of your bracelet.

Watch the videos below:

Discover below how you can effortlessly adjust your satin stretch cord bracelet to fit your wrist!