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8 Tips to Prepare Your Little One for Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich Mean Time 2023 is just around the corner, which means that on October 29th, at 2:00 AM, we get to turn the clocks back one hour. This means we gain an extra hour of sleep. While this extra hour of sleep is often very welcome for parents with young children, it can cause some confusion for your little one. We have some tips to help make the transition from summer to winter time as smooth as possible for you and your child.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your child feels comfortable during Greenwich Mean Time:

1. Adjust the sleep schedule

Begin adjusting your child's sleep schedule gradually a few days before the switch to Greenwich Mean Time. Shift bedtime and naps by 15 minutes each day. This way, your child can slowly adapt to the new routine.

2. Make the most of natural light

Natural light plays a significant role in resetting sleep patterns. Ensure your child gets enough daylight during the day. Take regular outdoor walks and keep the curtains open during the day to expose them to natural light.

3. Encourage a calming bedtime routine

A soothing bedtime routine can help prepare your child for sleep. Create a peaceful environment and follow a consistent routine, such as a warm bath, reading a bedtime story, or meditating together with one of our meditations, which you can receive with the purchase of a piece of jewelry from our dream collection. The collection includes four natural gemstones: Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, and Malachite. If you want your child to sleep well at night, Moonstone helps with a good night's rest.

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4. Comfortable nightwear

With Greenwich Mean Time, nights can be colder. Purchase a warm, soft pajama for the colder days together. An extra blanket or a hot water bottle can also help keep them warm.

Create a peaceful environment and follow a consistent routine.

5. Create a cozy sleeping environment

Ensure a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment for your child. For example, a nightlight can help reduce any fear of the dark. A pillow spray can also help your little one fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Consider products like the Calming Pillow Spray from Rock Your World.

6. Adjust feeding schedules

If your child is still breastfeeding, consider adjusting the feeding schedule. Provide them with additional feedings before bedtime to prevent nighttime hunger.

Moeder en Kind Coin ketting en proud mom armband

7. Establish a routine

Remember that the transition may take a few days for your child to fully adapt to the new schedule. Be patient and consistent in your approach. Your little one will adjust quickly

8. Quality time together

Spend quality time together. Read a book, sing a lullaby, or cuddle. This will not only help ease the transition but is also incredibly cozy.

Autumn and winter are perfect seasons to cherish precious moments with your little one. Especially on dark, rainy days, it's ideal to plan indoor activities like crafting, baking, or reading together.

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