7 x fun activities around Easter

This year, Easter falls early, as early as Sunday 31 March and Monday 1 April. For many people, this means a long weekend off! Want to go out with the family or on a weekend break? We have listed 7 fun activities around Easter for you!

1. Visit a farm

If you are looking for adventure, consider visiting a farm nearby. You can bottle and feed cute lambs, decorate cupcakes and take part in a treasure hunt based on photos that tell you which way to go. The scavenger hunt follows the route of the hike 'Het Polderpad' and passes three of the five willow works of art found there.

2. Decorating eggs

Make decorating eggs an annual tradition with your little ones. Lay out some old newspapers, get out the brushes, put on an apron and let your little ones awaken their inner artists! With bright colours and cute patterns, eggs will become real works of art.


3. Decorate an Easter branch

Make your home a party at Easter by decorating a branch with festive ornaments and colourful Easter eggs. Collect different craft materials such as loose ornaments, balls of wool, feathers, stickers and figurines and stick them all scattered on the Easter branch. Find a nice vase to put the branch in and put it on the table so you can enjoy it together.

4. Bake a carrot cake together

Gather the ingredients, get out the baking utensils, and let your little ones have fun in the kitchen! Bake a delicious carrot cake together with your family. This cake not only fits in perfectly with the Easter theme, but is also delicious!


5. Search for eggs

Search for eggs with the whole family on Easter Sunday. Hide the colourful eggs in the garden or in the house. Who can find the most eggs?

6. Farmer golf

Immerse yourself in farm life with Farmer's Golf. Look around the farm and then go into the meadow. Who can hit the most holes? And watch out, who knows, there might be a cow in the way you have to wave around. A lovely spring activity?


7. Weekend break

Get away for a weekend with your family. Whether it's a cosy city break or a relaxing stay in nature, a weekend away gives you the chance to spend quality time together and enjoy the Easter weekend.

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