Spelende kindjes klein

6 ideas for a children's party on a rainy day

Do you have a children's party coming up soon, but is it going to rain? That's a bummer, but you can still do many fun activities to make it a successful party. We have put together 6 ideas for a children's party on a rainy day for you.

1. Home cinema/Cinema

A home cinema is always a hit with children. Let the birthday child choose the movie, provide popcorn, drinks, and candy, and create a cozy cinema experience at home. For example, place a mattress, cushions, and blankets on the floor and dim the lights. This way, you can truly create a cozy afternoon at home. Of course, you can also always go to a movie theater for the real cinema experience.

2. Bowling

Bowling. For an extra festive effect, you can check if the bowling alley near you offers disco bowling. Provide bumpers along the lane for the children who need them to make it a successful day.

3. Indoor Play Paradise

An indoor play paradise is the perfect place for little ones to expend their energy. They can enjoy climbing, scrambling, and sliding all day long in a safe and indoor environment. Many play paradises also offer special party packages, including food and drinks. Think, for example, of the indoor indoor playground Monkeytown! They have multiple locations within the Netherlands.

4. Swimming

If the kids are the right age, you can organize a swimming party. At an indoor pool near you, the kids can swim and slide down the water slide all afternoon. At the end of the day, you can treat everyone to some fries or another tasty treat.

5. Cooking or baking

A cooking or baking extravaganza is a fun and educational way to keep children engaged. Let them make their own pizzas, decorate cupcakes, or bake cookies. It's not only enjoyable but the end result is also delicious.

6. Crafting

A rainy day is the perfect time to get creative. Set up craft tables with finger paints, colored pencils, paper, and other craft supplies. Let the children create their own artworks or make the same craft project together.

Is the birthday child celebrating in the autumn? Then it's a lot of fun to do crafts with items like chestnuts or acorns that you've collected in the forest beforehand.

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