5x fun activities for spring break with kids

Spring break is just around the corner and this is the time to spend quality time with your family. In this blog, we share five fun activities for an unforgettable time with your kids.

1. Take a walk on the beach

Spring is the perfect time for a walk on the beach. Put on an extra jumper for your little one if it is chilly at the sea. Let them search for shells and then enjoy a hot chocolate on the terrace or in the restaurant.

2. Visit the zoo

A day at the zoo is always fun with the children. Discover the world of wild animals together, observe exotic birds and meet cute animals in the petting zoo. It is not only educational, but also just super fun to see that sparkle in your little one's eyes when they see an elephant, giraffe or lion for the first time.

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3. Day at a museum

Visit a museum which is also fun for your little ones, making it a perfect choice regardless of the weather.

4. Amusement park or museum

Opt for a day of fun at the amusement park, where the little ones can have fun on all the rides, while you can enjoy their smiling faces.


5. Ice skating or skiing

Maybe you're going on a wonderful winter holiday during spring break, and can't wait to hit the slopes. Are you staying home over the holidays, but want to enjoy the snow or ice? Then go with your family to an indoor skating rink. That way you can still have the enchanting winter experience.

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