4 Fun Autumn Activities for You and Your Little One

It's autumn, the season of warm colors and coziness. Do you want to get out and enjoy this season with your little one? We've put together 4 fun activities for you.

1. Apple Picking

Go apple picking at an estate with your little one and bake a delicious apple pie at home with your own secret recipe. Because what's better than the smell of freshly baked apple pie filling your house on an autumn day?

2. ​​Autumn Walk

Take a delightful autumn walk together with your family and look for chestnuts to make fun animal figurines at home. Grab some skewers at home and create spiders, horses, or hedgehogs, placing them as autumn decorations in your house.

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3. Mushroom Hunting

Put on your boots and head into the forest to search for mushrooms. This way, you'll also teach your little one more about the autumn season. And perhaps, beneath the large red mushrooms with white spots, curious gnomes might be hiding.

4. Crafting

On a rainy day, it's ideal to create beautiful artworks together with your little artist. Bring out the paint, brushes, and colored pencils and let your little one's creativity shine. Use the autumn leaves, mushrooms, and chestnuts you've collected as inspiration for the most beautiful masterpieces. Who knows, these stunning creations might be perfect for a MAMALOVES illustration necklace!

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