Balloon Charm

Every child deserves a happy birthday! MAMALOVES created a charm for the Jarige Job Foundation. The balloon-shaped charm can be personalized with initials, a name or date. For every sold bracelet or necklace €7,- is donated to the Foundation, who makes sure that children who can’t afford to celebrate their birthday, receive a box full of surprises.

We LOVE Happy Birthdays!

“Contribute to a charity, wearing lovely jewellery and keeping my loved ones close. What a wonderful initiative!”
Personalize your one of a kind bracelet


The Jarige Job foundation helps out and makes ure these kids can have a happy day by treating them to a special birthday box, which contains birthday decorations, treats for school, a cake and of course, presents!

Collaboration and contribution

MAMALOVES gladly contributes to this and specifically created the Balloon Charm for The Jarige Job Foundation. The balloon-shaped charm is graceful and sweet and is beautiful to both bracelets and chains. From every sold Balloon Charm, MAMALOVES donates €7,- to this wonderful initiative.

Made with love

The balloon shaped pendant can be personalized with initials or a special date. Choose from different colours of waxed cord to create your own unique piece of jewellery. A sweet gift for yourself or someone else. For example for your best friend, your mother or grandmom.


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